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Anderson Hauptli

Producer, Director, Actor, Artist, Disc Jockey

Anderson Hauptli has a background in art and applies it often in his various creative practices. He is an associate producer for Hit Point Hall (2023) on The Emerson Channel, the Marketing Director for the film publication Page2Frame, and the founder of questrun management. Additionally, he was the director of the award-winning short documentary The Shoes We Wear (2022) and the director of the romance drama The Embrace (2024) and a producer for the short film Alone Again (2024) and 87 Myrtle St (BYOB) (2023). He also has acting experience and has acted in films such as Samson McGillicuddy and the Make that Makes You Crazy (2022), Worn Out (2021), High Frequency Sound Transmission (2021), and Duo’s Day (2020). Whether he’s doing management, producing, directing, acting, or art you will always witness him extensively practicing within various creative industries.

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