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Film Reels


Hit Point Hall - 2023-2024

Emerson Channel’s first and only Live-to-Tape D&D campaign show.

An EmChan Original: Hit Point Hall

Alone Again - 2024

When a college student who has trouble connecting with others finds himself as the last person on Earth, they must decide how much they’re willing to risk for companionship.

Alone Again

87 Myrtle St (BYOB) - 2023

Enjoy this fly-on-the-wall party experience at 87 Myrtle St. Don't forget to BYOB!

87 Myrtle St (BYOB)

Riverfork Community College: The Mini-series - 2024

Patrick Myaz is an oblivious dean of admissions at a fake community college. While starring in a promotional video showcasing the school's academic and social life, students and faculty share their true feelings about Myaz and his desperate attempts to make friends.

Riverfork Community College

Cast Out - 2024

Left behind in the wake of a tragic spaceship explosion, young Rita Stargrove constructs a robotic friend that makes her question whether she can miss something she never had.

Cast Out.png
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