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Interview: Athens International Art & Film Festival - 2024

AIMAFF is a monthly film festival. Films from the Festival de Cannes, Sundance Film Festival, and Drama International Short Film Festival have been submitted to the festival.


Interview: Indie Cine Tube Awards - 2024

ICTA is an International Film Festival displaying Feature Films,
Documentaries, Shorts, Animations, Television Series and Scripts

Indie Cince Tube Awards.png

Featured Guest: Film Sessions Podcast - 2023

The Film Sessions Podcast features accomplished filmmakers who discuss their films and filmmaking journeys. This podcast is hosted by the Student World Impact Film Festival (SWIFF), one of the largest student film festivals in the world that is empowering filmmakers in 120 countries.

Film Sessions.png

Featured Guest: I Can't Believe This Got Greenlit! - 2023

The show where Nicholas Warner and Matthew Pelton discuss movies from their childhood; the nostalgia from watching them as a kid, how they got made, and their experiences rewatching them as adults.

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